If you’ve been following along on my Instagram this week, you’ll have noticed that I went back to New York City for another solo trip (and if you’re not following me yet, go on and do it. Life is short). One of my favourite things about NYC is the vast array of vegan and plant-based options everywhere in the city, whether it’s quick-serve or a gourmet meal. As promised, here is part two of my picks for plant-based eats in NYC. If you missed part one, follow the link here!

Two Hands

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Two Hands is a cute cafe between the Lower East Side and Soho.  Definitely a popular spot for it’s coffees, avo toast and acai bowls, along with the cute, white decor. There was a wait on Tuesday morning when I went, so you might want to take extra time, but it’s totally worth it! The acai bowl was loaded with the good stuff, and the almond milk flat white was perfect!


Peacefood Cafe


I’ve heard about Peacefood Cafe before, and meant to go on my last trip, but didn’t have time. Thank goodness I was able to go this time though, because the food is incredible. I had the seafood linguine, and  strawberry cheesecake (devoured before I could take a proper picture). I missed creamy seafood linguine for so long, but the flavours in this dish were spot on. The photo doesn’t do it justice! The cheesecake was probably the best vegan cheesecake I’ve ever had… I was tempted to order a second slice.


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After hearing about Franchia’s fancier sister restaurant Hangawi, I knew I wanted to try the food here. Franchia is a Korean plant-based restaurant, with traditional dishes and teas. I ordered a shissandra tea, which is supposed to help fatigue without caffeine, and the assorted dumplings. The tea was really yummy, fruity with a bit of flowery taste, and actually managed to get rid of my sore feet. The dumplings were so yummy. My favourite were the soy and grain meat dumplings, so I’d definitely get a whole order of those next time. The decor in Franchia is super cute too, with flowered ceiling tiles and Asian-inspired dividers.

Urban Vegan Kitchen

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UVK is in the spot where Blossom on Carmine used to be, as it’s owned by one of the same owners. The vibe here though is soul food and comfort food. I ordered a bloody mary and the happy shrimp po’ boy for lunch on my last day. Oh my God, was the po’ boy was so delicious. Whatever sauce they put on top was heaven, and even the fries were perfect. The bloody mary hit the spot, and the extra garnish made it even better. I don’t usually eat faux meats, but I’m definitely coming back here next time for the chicken and waffles. So good!


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As I said earlier, I don’t usually eat faux meats on the regular. But I had been missing a classic diner breakfast for a while, and Champs delivered. Champs is in Brooklyn, but I made my way there to try it out after looking at their incredible menu selections. I got the French Toast Slam, and it was so delicious. I hadn’t had french toast since going vegan and I wasn’t disappointed with what I ate at Champs, it rivals even the best non-vegan french toast I’ve had. Also came with tofu scramble, sausage, veggie or tempeh bacon, and home fries. This is definitely worth the trip to Brooklyn alone!

Juice Press


Juice Press has numerous locations across the city. They specialize in well, juice, although I didn’t end up trying one, I’ve heard they are the best. They also have a variety of salads, soups, superfood snacks, and smoothies. I opted for the bagel because well, I was in New York, and a matcha smoothie because I hadn’t had any caffeine yet this morning. It was smooth and creamy, and the added peppermint put it  over the top. The bagel was good too – the rosemary cream cheese and secret sauce we’re really yummy, although the bagel itself was kind of blah.


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Inday is a quick serve Indian inspired joint that offers bowls with all sorts of toppings. They have two pre-made vegan options, or you can build your own combo. I opted for the Namast’ay Healthy bowl on top of ancient grains. I was expecting a hot bowl since that’s how Indian food usually comes, but this bowl is more room-temp with warm grains. The toppings were really good and innovative, I especially liked the blackened eggplant, turmeric slaw, and the lentils. The white sauce is chickpea ranch that tasted so much like regular ranch that I’m obsessed with finding the recipe. An awesome option in the Madison Square Gardens area!