Last week I paid a visit to Sorelle and Co., a bakery in Vaughan that caught my attention for being completely vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free, nut-free and soy-free. They opened earlier this summer and I knew I had to go.

As soon as I walked in, I was in love. I had seen photos previously and while the cafe itself was smaller than I imagined, the decor was even better. Right above the entrance is this gorgeous chandelier that highlights all the white and marble accents in the cafe. There is a staircase to your left beside windows that peek into their kitchen, that leads up to a second level with a gorgeous eating area.

The desserts and bakery items are showcased behind the marble counter (which makes choosing even more difficult), and even the employee uniform added to the elegant and chic feel inside. The outside of the cafe looks like a house, with shaped bushes and outdoor seating for nice days.

I went with my friend Gemma who treated me as a late-birthday gift (thanks again!) and rather than getting a meal, we each got a few dessert items so we could try what we wanted. I ordered a passionfruit-mango cheesecake verrine and a chocolate tart. My friend ordered a cinnamon sugar donut and a mango-coconut tart, and we both had coconut-milk lattes.

The lattes are served in big, gorgeous mugs and they were excellent. Made me wonder how they got the coconut milk so frothy, since my local Starbucks is never able to make it quite so. The cheesecake verrine was very light and almost mousse-like, and definitely had a passionfruit and mango taste. It was topped with mango jelly candy that’s made in-house and that itself was very good. The tart was a little hard to cut into with just a fork, so if you order it be sure to get a butter knife. The taste however was rich, decadent, and creamy, and the raspberries on top made it that much better. Everything you could ask for in a chocolate tart!

I tried some of Gemma’s choices as well and they were delicious. The mango-coconut tart was rich, fruity and creamy and didn’t have a hard shell like the chocolate one. The donut was moist and spongy and we decided it was reminiscent of carrot cake with the spices used. All in all, the desserts at Sorelle and Co were absolutely amazing and I would go back in an instant. Since the bakeshop is completely free of gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, preservatives or soy, we were amazed by how they could achieve such rich and delicious desserts without these ingredients. My conclusion? Magic.