If you’ve been following my Insta Stories, you’ll have heard some big news: I’m moving out! I stayed in Toronto throughout college and university, and because of that I have lived at home my whole life. I’m finally going out on my own, and I am so excited!

My new place is right by the lake, with a giant park outside which will be great for Lulu, and the location cuts my commute to both school and work in half! I’m so excited to move in and decorate my own space, I’ve been glued to Pinterest since I got the news that we got it.

I’m so inspired by the spaces I’ve been seeing online, here are some of the details I want to incorporate into my own place:

new beginnings

  • Light airy spaces
  • Rose gold, blush and grey details
  • Gallery walls
  • Lots of plants
  • Cozy corners
  • Minimalism and organization

new beginnings

I’m also starting a new program at school this year (digital communications!), so the next few weeks will be full of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Stay tuned for a home tour when I’m done moving and decorating my new place!